Country Pilot - Namibia


  • PROJECT TITLE: Africa Financial Capability Project
  • TIMELINE: September 2010 - March 2012


The project activities involved three countries: Malawi, Namibia and Zambia. Eight focus groups were held in each country. The focus groups were segmented according to gender, rural/urban location and income (distinguishing only between low and middle income).

Eight FGDs were conducted in Namibia in locations spread throughout the country with a total of 63 individuals. In Namibia, as there is a greater level of formal financial product penetration, the market appears quite different from Malawi and Zambia and issues such as choosing products and the information required to make informed choices are more relevant in the Namibian context. There was a heavy emphasis on day-to-day money management issues, with alcohol, impulse shopping and credit being areas of concern that affect money management.

A total of 14 and 15 interviews were conducted in the first and second round respectively. Interview respondents were selected from the focus group participants on the basis of criteria set by the Trust Fund. In Namibia, the interview guide was not translated and the English version was used.

After each set of interviews, a debriefing was held with the Trust Fund team and results and feedback informed the development of core questionnaire modules to be used for surveys that will be implemented in the second stage of the project.

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