Country Pilot - Tanzania


  • PROJECT TITLE: Tanzania Financial Capability Baseline
  • PARTNER INSTITUTIONS: Financial Sector Deepening Trust Tanzania (FSDT); Bank of Tanzania; Marketworx Africa; National Bureau of Statistics
  • TIMELINE: October 2010 – September 2012


The National Financial Literacy Framework developed for Tanzania in 2009 and recently approved by the Government of Tanzania identified the need for defining the dimensions of financial capability in the country. It also identified the need for a baseline survey, to enable policymakers and practitioners to confirm priority population segments for planned financial education initiatives and tracking financial capability progress over time within these segments and on a national level.

The findings of the survey will support other financial education and consumer protection initiatives launched by the Government of Tanzania. This is part of a broader set of goals to facilitate improved access to financial services and strengthen consumer protection. The survey will also allow interested stakeholders to track changes in consumer financial behavior and capability over time and thereby refine and improve future interventions.

As part of the qualitative research portion of the study, eight focus groups were conducted in Dec 2010-Jan 2011 in three different regions of the Country. The groups were segmented in terms of gender, income (low, middle and high) and age. To test and refine the first draft questionnaire, 17 in-depth interviews (IDIs) were then conducted in March 2011. A further six IDIs were conducted in August of 2011 to further refine the questionnaire.

The survey will be conducted on a nationally representative sample (including Zanzibar) obtained through stratified random sampling with approximately 3200 adults. The National Bureau of Statistics will assist with the design and drawing of the sample, as well as fieldwork oversight.

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